Date Author Title
2022-03-29Johannes UllrichMore Fake/Typosquatting Twitter Accounts Asking for Ukraine Crytocurrency Donations
2022-03-28Johannes UllrichBGP Hijacking of Twitter Prefix by
2018-06-07Remco VerhoefAutomated twitter loot collection
2014-01-24Chris MohanPhishing via Social Media
2013-09-30Adrien de BeaupreTwitter DM spam/malware
2013-02-22Johannes UllrichZendesk breach affects Tumblr/Pinterest/Twitter
2013-02-02Kevin ListonTwitter Confirms Compromise of Approximately 250,000 Users
2012-05-30Rob VandenBrinkIt's Phishing Season! In fact, it's ALWAYS Phishing Season!
2011-06-30Guy BruneauSymantec Report - Spam Surge against Social Networks
2011-01-20Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezPossible new Twitter worm
2010-11-22Lenny ZeltserBrand Impersonations On-Line: Brandjacking and Social Networks
2010-04-22Deborah HaleDon't Be Fooled by Twitter Spam in Your Inbox
2010-02-02Johannes UllrichTwitter Mass Password Reset due to Phishing
2010-01-13Johannes UllrichSMS Donations Advertised via Twitter
2009-12-18Stephen HallTwitter outage via DNS hijacking
2009-07-28Adrien de BeaupreTwitter spam/phish
2009-06-16John BambenekIran Internet Blackout: Using Twitter for Operational Intelligence
2009-06-16John BambenekURL Shortening Service Cligs Hacked
2009-05-01Adrien de BeauprePassword != secure
2009-04-18Johannes UllrichTwitter Packet Challenge Solution
2009-04-13Bojan ZdrnjaTwitter worm copycats
2009-04-12Patrick NolanTwitter Worm(s)
2009-01-31John BambenekGoogle Search Engine's Malware Detection Broken
2009-01-25Rick WannerTwam?? Twammers?
2009-01-04Rick WannerTwitter/Facebook Phishing Attempt