Date Author Title
2022-11-09Xavier MertensAnother Script-Based Ransomware
2022-03-26Guy BruneauIs buying Cyber Insurance a Must Now?
2021-12-04Guy BruneauA Review of Year 2021
2021-07-02Xavier MertensKaseya VSA Users Hit by Ransomware
2021-05-17Daniel WesemannRansomware Defenses
2021-04-08Xavier MertensSimple Powershell Ransomware Creating a 7Z Archive of your Files
2021-01-21Xavier MertensPowershell Dropping a REvil Ransomware
2021-01-02Guy BruneauProtecting Home Office and Enterprise in 2021
2020-08-06Xavier MertensA Fork of the FTCode Powershell Ransomware
2020-01-02Xavier MertensRansomware in Node.js
2019-10-03Xavier Mertens"Lost_Files" Ransomware
2019-05-13Xavier MertensFrom Phishing To Ransomware?
2019-02-20Brad DuncanMore Russian language malspam pushing Shade (Troldesh) ransomware
2019-01-10Brad DuncanHeartbreaking Emails: "Love You" Malspam
2018-11-29Brad DuncanRussian language malspam pushing Shade (Troldesh) ransomware
2018-08-15Brad DuncanMore malspam pushing password-protected Word docs for AZORult and Hermes Ransomware
2018-07-27Brad DuncanMalspam with password-protected Word docs pushes Hermes ransomware
2018-06-25Didier StevensGuilty by association
2018-01-25Xavier MertensRansomware as a Service
2017-10-24Xavier MertensBadRabbit: New ransomware wave hitting RU & UA
2017-09-20Renato MarinhoOngoing Ykcol (Locky) campaign
2017-09-01Brad DuncanMalspam pushing Locky ransomware tries HoeflerText notifications for Chrome and FireFox
2017-07-14Brad DuncanNemucodAES and the malspam that distributes it
2017-06-28Brad DuncanPetya? I hardly know ya! - an ISC update on the 2017-06-27 ransomware outbreak
2017-06-28Brad DuncanCatching up with Blank Slate: a malspam campaign still going strong
2017-05-24Brad DuncanJaff ransomware gets a makeover
2017-05-12Xavier MertensMassive wave of ransomware ongoing
2017-04-12Brad DuncanMalspam on 2017-04-11 pushes yet another ransomware variant
2017-02-09Brad DuncanCryptoShield Ransomware from Rig EK
2017-01-06John BambenekRansomware Operators Cold Calling UK Schools to Get Malware Through
2016-10-10Didier StevensRadare2: rahash2
2016-08-23Xavier MertensVoice Message Notifications Deliver Ransomware
2016-06-26Rick WannerBart - a new Ransomware
2016-04-11John BambenekTool Released to Decrypt Petya Ransomware Infected Disks
2016-04-01John BambenekTips for Stopping Ransomware
2016-03-09Rob VandenBrinkA Wall Against Cryptowall? Some Tips for Preventing Ransomware
2016-03-07Xavier MertensOSX Ransomware Spread via a Rogue BitTorrent Client Installer
2016-03-06Jim ClausingNovel method for slowing down Locky on Samba server using fail2ban
2015-11-07Didier StevensRansomware & Entropy: Your Turn -> Solution
2015-10-30Didier StevensRansomware & Entropy: Your Turn
2015-10-18Didier StevensRansomware & Entropy
2015-04-30Brad DuncanDalexis/CTB-Locker malspam campaign
2014-07-24Bojan ZdrnjaWindows Previous Versions against ransomware
2014-06-11Daniel WesemannPay attention to Cryptowall!
2013-10-22John BambenekCryptolocker Update, Request for Info
2008-06-10Swa FrantzenRansomware keybreaking