Microsoft Out-of-Band bulletin addresses LNK/Shortcut vulnerability

Published: 2010-08-02
Last Updated: 2010-08-12 18:43:36 UTC
by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 1)
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As announced on Friday, Microsoft released an out-of-band bulletin to address the recent Shortcut/LNK exploits. As confirmed in Microsoft's announcement, various malware is now attempting to exploit this vulnerability. The vulnerability is rather easy to exploit in particular given the tools available to craft necessary shortcuts.

Clients are the main target but servers are as vulnerable and should be patched as soon as possible. Please report any issues you have with the patch !


# Affected Contra Indications Known Exploits Microsoft rating ISC rating(*)
clients servers
MS10-046 Vulnerability in Windows Shell (LNK/Shortcut)
Windows Shell
KB 2286198 actively exploited. Severity:Critical
Exploitability: 1




Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.
SANS Technology Institute

Keywords: Microsoft patches
15 comment(s)


The word "bulletin" in the link for MS10-046 should be lowercase, not initial caps. The correct link is here:
The link above worked just fine for me.
I don't see support for Windows 2000 or XP SP2. This was anticipated, but unfortunate for the millions of XP users who don't read security bulletins. The Automatic Updates service will give them some limited information about needing SP3 - but won't tell them about missing this patch or subsequent patches in the months that follow.
According to this link, this update IS AVAILABLE for Windows XP Service Pack 2.
In Microsoft’s August 2010 OOB Security Bulletin Release webcast today, they said that the support for XP SP2 was a typo and it is going to be corrected on the website.
What are some good sites / discussion groups for determining if anyone has seen any problems with MSPatches, post installation. Tend to worry a bit more about the out of band patches.
Applied the "fix" a few weeks ago and was hoping that MS10-046 would restore the display of nice colorful icons.

Unfortunately, our icons did NOT return after applying the MS10-046 patch. As a result we are having to revert the previous 'Fix' to get the icons to display. However, with SP2 still lingering... careful scripting is reverting the 'fix' for only systems with MS10-046 installed.

Anyone else experience this?
Did you run the Disable workaround Fixit, too ? MS recommends that if the Enable workaround Fixit was run that the Disable Fixit be run after installing KB2286198. I'd recommend running it prior to the installation of KB2286198.
Microsoft security update (KB2286198) for Windows 7 hangs or causes a BSOD on restart

" If you are experiencing a system hang or blue screen error after attempting to install Microsoft security update (KB2286198), you will need to update your ESET security product. This issue is due to a potential conflict with the Windows update and ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security. Downloading a new ESET virus signature update (version 5338 and later) will resolve this issue. "
The Microsoft patch takes care of LNK shortcuts, but does it do PIF shortcuts as well?

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