Date Author Title
2022-02-26Guy BruneauUsing Snort IDS Rules with NetWitness PacketDecoder
2020-08-20Rob VandenBrinkOffice 365 Mail Forwarding Rules (and other Mail Rules too)
2020-06-19Remco VerhoefSigma rules! The generic signature format for SIEM systems.
2019-04-04Xavier MertensNew Waves of Scans Detected by an Old Rule
2019-01-12Guy BruneauSnorpy a Web Base Tool to Build Snort/Suricata Rules
2018-06-21Xavier MertensAre Your Hunting Rules Still Working?
2016-07-15Xavier MertensName All the Things!
2010-04-23Adrien de BeaupreShadowserver botnet rules