Date Author Title
2024-05-28Guy BruneauIs that It? Finding the Unknown: Correlations Between Honeypot Logs & PCAPs [Guest Diary]
2022-03-15Xavier MertensClean Binaries with Suspicious Behaviour
2022-01-29Guy BruneauSIEM In this Decade, Are They Better than the Last?
2020-06-19Remco VerhoefSigma rules! The generic signature format for SIEM systems.
2019-04-04Xavier MertensNew Waves of Scans Detected by an Old Rule
2018-06-21Xavier MertensAre Your Hunting Rules Still Working?
2017-06-17Guy BruneauMapping Use Cases to Logs. Which Logs are the Most Important to Collect?
2017-03-31Xavier MertensPro & Con of Outsourcing your SOC
2015-12-24Xavier MertensUnity Makes Strength
2015-03-11Rob VandenBrinkSyslog Skeet Shooting - Targetting Real Problems in Event Logs
2013-07-06Guy BruneauIs Metadata the Magic in Modern Network Security?