Date Author Title
2022-08-26Xavier MertensPaypal Phishing/Coinbase in One Image
2021-09-24Xavier MertensKeep an Eye on Your Users Mobile Devices (Simple Inventory)
2021-09-17Xavier MertensMalicious Calendar Subscriptions Are Back?
2021-02-01Rob VandenBrinkTaking a Shot at Reverse Shell Attacks, CNC Phone Home and Data Exfil from Servers
2020-07-01Jim ClausingSetting up the Dshield honeypot and
2020-06-28Guy Logstash Parser & Dashboard Update
2020-05-01Jim ClausingAttack traffic on TCP port 9673
2019-11-09Guy BruneauFake Netflix Update Request by Text
2018-08-13Didier StevensNew Extortion Tricks: Now Including Your (Partial) Phone Number!
2018-07-24Tom WebbCell Phone Monitoring. Who is Watching the Watchers?
2014-07-22Daniel WesemannApp "telemetry"
2013-01-09Rob VandenBrinkSecurity Update - Cisco 7900 Phones - cisco-sa-20130109-uipphone privilege escallation issue - advisory at:
2012-11-08Daniel WesemannGet a 40% discount on your hotel room!
2012-10-03Kevin ShorttFake Support Calls Reported
2012-05-07Guy BruneauiOS 5.1.1 Software Update for iPod, iPhone, iPad
2011-07-27Johannes UllrichInternet Storm Center iPhone App now available. Feedback/Feature Requests welcome. Search App Store for "ISC Reader"
2011-07-19Richard PorterSMS Phishing at the SANSFire 2011 Handler Dinner
2011-06-17Richard PorterWhen do you stop owning Technology?
2011-04-22Manuel Humberto Santander PelaeziPhoneMap: iPhoneTracker port to Linux
2011-04-20Johannes UllrichiPhone GPS Data Storage
2010-11-29Stephen HalliPhone phishing - What you see, isn't what you get
2010-08-06Rob VandenBrinkFOXIT PDF Reader update to resolve iPhone/iPad Jailbreak issue ==>
2010-06-23Johannes UllrichIPv6 Support in iOS 4
2010-06-15Manuel Humberto Santander PelaeziPhone 4 Order Security Breach Exposes Private Information
2010-05-15Deborah HalePhony Phone Scam
2010-02-03Rob VandenBrinkAPPLE-SA-2010-02-02-1 iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPhone OS 3.1.3 for iPod touch
2009-12-21Marcus SachsiPhone Botnet Analysis
2009-11-09Chris Carboni80's Flashback on Jailbroken iPhones
2009-11-08Bojan ZdrnjaiPhone worm in the wild
2009-10-09Rob VandenBrinkAT&T Cell Phone Phish
2009-09-12Jim ClausingApple Updates
2009-07-31Deborah HaleThe iPhone patch is out
2009-07-30Deborah HaleiPhone Hijack
2009-02-25Andre LudwigPreview/Iphone/Linux pdf issues
2008-07-11Jim ClausingHandling the load