Date Author Title
2024-06-06Xavier MertensMalicious Python Script with a "Best Before" Date
2024-01-12Xavier MertensOne File, Two Payloads
2023-12-15Xavier MertensCSharp Payload Phoning to a CobaltStrike Server
2023-03-11Xavier MertensOverview of a Mirai Payload Generator
2022-02-11Xavier MertensCinaRAT Delivered Through HTML ID Attributes
2021-07-29Xavier MertensMalicious Content Delivered Through
2020-04-10Xavier MertensPowerShell Sample Extracting Payload From SSL
2019-07-05Didier StevensA "Stream O" Maldoc
2019-07-02Xavier MertensMalicious Script With Multiple Payloads
2019-07-01Didier StevensMaldoc: Payloads in User Forms
2018-11-18Guy BruneauMultipurpose PCAP Analysis Tool
2018-03-12Xavier MertensPayload delivery via SMB
2009-03-17Johannes UllrichIdentifying applications using UDP payload