Date Author Title
2024-05-31Xavier Mertens"K1w1" InfoStealer Uses for Exfiltration
2023-12-23Xavier MertensPython Keylogger Using
2023-05-20Xavier MertensPhishing Kit Collecting Victim's IP Address
2022-07-28Johannes UllrichExfiltrating Data With Bookmarks
2022-03-09Xavier MertensInfostealer in a Batch File
2021-12-01Xavier MertensInfo-Stealer Using to Exfiltrate Data
2021-03-31Xavier MertensQuick Analysis of a Modular InfoStealer
2021-02-04Bojan ZdrnjaAbusing Google Chrome extension syncing for data exfiltration and C&C
2020-08-18Xavier MertensUsing API's to Track Attackers
2020-01-10Xavier MertensMore Data Exfiltration
2019-09-19Xavier MertensAgent Tesla Trojan Abusing Corporate Email Accounts
2019-03-06Xavier MertensKeep an Eye on Disposable Email Addresses
2018-11-27Rob VandenBrinkData Exfiltration in Penetration Tests
2018-06-15Lorna HutchesonSMTP Strangeness - Possible C2
2018-05-19Xavier MertensMalicious Powershell Targeting UK Bank Customers
2018-05-10Bojan ZdrnjaExfiltrating data from (very) isolated environments
2017-04-20Xavier MertensDNS Query Length... Because Size Does Matter
2016-07-26Johannes UllrichCommand and Control Channels Using "AAAA" DNS Records