Problems with MS patch KB913446 (for the IGMP issue, MS06-007)

Published: 2006-02-14
Last Updated: 2006-02-15 15:05:55 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 3)
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A number of our readers have written in (and some of the handlers have duplicated the issue) to report that when using Microsoft Update or autoupdate the patch (KB913446) downloads, but fails to install with Error Code: 0x80242006.  The version located here, however, does not appear to have this issue.  Until Microsoft fixes the former, you may want to install that one patch manually.  Our summary of all of the bulletins will be posted shortly.

Update: 03:49 UTC - The folks from Microsoft have confirmed that the problem is actually with the underlying mechanism used by Automatic Updates, Microsoft Updates, WSUS and SMS 2003.  They are working on a fix and I'm sure you'll here it from us as well as Microsoft when it is fixed.  Below is a quote from their blog:

Our folks are investigating this and have determined that MS06-007 isn't successfully installing when users try to install it    through Automatic Updates, Windows Update, and Windows Server Update Services and through Systems Management Server 2003 when using the ITMU.

You can read the entire blog entry here.

Update: 05:00 UTC  - It appears that the Windows update distribution mechanism has been fixed for this patch.  Expect confirmation in the blog above that this issue is indeed fixed for all of the distribution mechanisms at some point during the late night hours in America. 

Update: 15:00 UTC - The blog entry from Microsoft confirming the issue has been fixed is here.

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