Possible FAA computer glitches?

Published: 2007-06-08
Last Updated: 2007-06-08 20:42:33 UTC
by Lenny Zeltser (Version: 1)
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We are are hearing about potential FAA computer glitches on the US east coast. The FAA map shows some flight delays, but the reasons are unclear. We will update this diary as we get additional information.

Update 1: According to CBS, the FAA "experienced computer problems in departure planning early this afternoon, forcing numerous departure delays at airports nationwide. Officials said normal operations began returning between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m."

Update 2 (from Marc): According to the FAA, an FAA aeronautical database that regulates flight departures/arrivals crashed earlier today. The database consists of two systems, one in Atlanta and the other in Salt Lake City. The Atlanta system crashed at 0657 EDT and the Salt Lake City system, which runs off of Atlanta's, crashed quickly thereafter. The systems were back online by 1230 EDT and the current flight delays are a result of the air traffic catching up to the system being down for over five hours. The FAA advised that they have no preliminary information on the cause of the system crash and that it is still under investigation.

-- Lenny

Lenny Zeltser
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