Linux kernel local DoS - Yahoo/Google (Akamai?) problems

Published: 2004-06-14
Last Updated: 2004-06-15 14:02:08 UTC
by Handlers (Version: 1)
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Large Websites Unreachable (update. added June 15th 9:41 am EDT)

Several sources worldwide report that large websites, among them
Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, are currently not reachable due to DNS problems.

It is suspected at this time that the root cause is a problem with
Akamai's DNS service

(see the diary for the 15th for more updates)
Linux kernel local DoS

A local crash against Linux kernels on x86 has been released. Working
code has been released that crashes affected kernels (latest 2.4 and
2.6). The program has been confirmed to crash kernels protected with
the Openwall and grsecurity kernel patches. If you run a public shell
server, it would be wise to patch your kernel now.

For full details and patching information:

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