Adobe Acrobat (reader) patches released

Published: 2009-05-12
Last Updated: 2009-05-12 23:13:26 UTC
by Swa Frantzen (Version: 1)
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While patching your macs and windows machines on reboot Wednesday tomorrow, don't forget to patch adobe's acrobat (reader) just as well.

CVE-2009-1492 and CVE-2009-1493 are fixed.

Swa Frantzen -- Section 66

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3 comment(s)


Am I the only one who finds it annoying that Adobe does not rev the version with patches. After I install the new patch, it still says I am on 9.1.1, I want to see something like or something, at least to let me know it is patched.
I'm confused. The bulletin says "Adobe recommends users of Adobe Reader 9.1 and Acrobat 9.1 and earlier versions update to Adobe Reader 9.1.1 and Acrobat 9.1.1."

Are you sure the 9.1.1 patch wasn't already installed?
It was just a bonehead error. I thought it had not rev'd, but it did.

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