Published: 2008-03-07
Last Updated: 2008-03-07 15:56:50 UTC
by Mark Hofman (Version: 1)
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Some odds and sods

  • A security issue has been reported for Horde web mail (thanks Dariush)
  • A number of you would have noticed that a new version of Java is available
  • My vista box insisted on applying KB9401510 which "enables Vista to detect software that bypasses software activation and interferes with normal Windows operation"

Vista SP1

I installed SP1 on a Vista box about a week ago and so far things seem to be quite ok.  I must confess I've only seen a few changes on the system.  When the system goes into sleep mode, it actually starts up again without problems (well usually).  The file transfers on the machine itself are slightly faster.  No longer does it spend half the  day trying to calculate how much time it will take to transfer a 1MB file.  The other change I can see is on boot up.  It seems to give me the system slightly faster than it used to.  I still get the occasional BSOD and the networking just dies after suspending the system a few times, but that could be anything on my box.

Mark  - Shearwater

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